Where were these professionals, a number of whom are now asserting their rights under the Fifth Amendment, when these clearly improper transactions were being consummated? Why didn't any of them speak up or disassociate themselves from the transactions?

-- Lincoln Savings and Loan Ass'n v. Wall, 743 F.Supp. 901, 920 (D.D.C.1990)

Historically, the term "accounting malpractice" described a narrow field of claims by clients against their accountants for failed accounting services. Securities claims and bank failures led to an expansion of claims against accountants and, in most jurisdictions, an accountant's liability has also been expanded to include claims by persons or entities known by the accountants to be relying on the accountants' advice. Today, with concerns about the reliability of public financial disclosures and the increasing advisory role taken by accountants, the definition of the term "accounting malpractice" continues to expand. F&Y's accounting malpractice services involve cases against accountants, public accounting firms, and consulting firms providing accounting-related services.